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February 21 - 8:00pm

Christ Venice

Enter your favorite recipe in the FIRST ANNUAL DESSERT TASTE-OFF CONTEST!

For years we have given our favorite cookies a platform and even our best chili recipes have been center stage. The time has come to see what else our avid bakers and cooks are hiding in their kitchens. Join us during the Mission Festival for this fun and tasty event.

Friday, February 21st after the worship service (approximately 8:00pm)
in Memorial Hall.

Prizes will be awarded for the judges favorite in each of the 3 dessert categories:  

1- Favorite Cake or Cupcake 

2- Favorite Pie or Tart or Cobbler   

3-Favorite Other Sweet Treat


ADDITIONAL AWARDS will be given for the following categories:
1- "Death by Chocolate" (best chocolate dessert)
2- "Fruity Tooty" (Best fruit dessert)
3- "Sweet Tooth" Crowd Favorite (where everyone gets a vote!)

All "entries" must be registered by Wednesday, Feb 19th for the contest.
You DO NOT need to register to attend the event and enjoy tasty desserts, BRING YOUR FRIENDS!  You are also welcome to bring a dessert to share, even if you are not in the competition.


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March 29 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Christ Venice

For the last 3 years we have enjoyed a fun and successful event designed for parents and caregivers of children and youth in our church family. This event was a "progressive" style dinner where we had parent hosts both at church and in their own homes for each course of a meal. We basically played musical chairs while we broke bread together. It has always been so much fun and a great way to start conversation with new friends in our midst.  

To keep things fresh, THIS YEAR we are taking a step "BACK"... and changing things up!

Introducing the REGRESSIVE DINNER. Ta-dahhh!  

What you ask is a regressive dinner? THAT, my friends is a wonderful question. In light of the fact that the term was "invented" for this event, it can be "whatever" we define it to be!

SOOOOO... This is what you can expect:

Sign up below to host a table of 5-6, including you (and yours.)
You will be assigned to bring either appetizer/starter, salad/soup or dessert for the guests at your table. You will also be responsible for your "tablescape" Your round table will be dressed with a plain white table cloth and the proper number of chairs for your guests. Be creative with your decorations/theme. You are welcome/encouraged to provide conversation starters.  

Never fear if you are not the creative sort! You CAN and SHOULD still participate! Amy is available to assist with ideas, supplies etc. if needed, just ask!

What about the main course you ask? Well that is our gift to you! We will come together at one long family table hosted by Christ Venice Family Ministry for a delicious main course.


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