Where do I go?

Our services take place in the Venice-Nokomis Elks Lodge. You and your family are welcome to visit and make yourself at home during worship services. Stop by Connection Table if you have any questions. From the moment you pull into the parking lot, we will make it a priority to make you feel welcome. 


What about my kids?

Bring them in! We have a resource table stocked with activities that will engage them while your family participates in worship.


Will there be coffee?

Coffee and cool drinks are available on Sunday mornings


What should I wear?

At Christ Laurel, we encourage you to come as you are. Some people wear shorts, while others dress up more. As long as you wear shoes 😊, we want you to just be yourself and wear what’s comfortable!


What’s the service like?

Our approach to apparel is casual, but we have an intentional approach to the way we worship. We believe in a powerful, passionate God who calls us to be responsive and passionate as well. You’ll be challenged by scripture and encouraged by the Spirit to say YES to Jesus.


What’s the music like?

The songs you hear may range from Christian radio hits to treasured hymns. The praise team leads worship with drums, keyboards, and electric guitar.


I didn’t grow up in a church. Will I stand out?

If it’s your first time coming to church, you won’t be alone. We make it our priority to communicate the Christian message in a way that doesn’t assume you are a biblical expert. Our goal is to help you learn and grow, no matter your familiarity with scripture. 


How do I take the next step?

We know it can be easy to attend a new church and feel like you’re getting lost in the mix. At Christ Laurel, we don’t want that to happen to you, so we recommend that you do three things when you visit. 


• Attend Sunday Services: We know your schedule is busy, but regularly coming to Sunday services will help you stay connected. 


• Stay After: Stop by Connection Table to speak with our ministry director Jess or one of our pastors. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you understand the next steps.


• Connect with People: One of the best ways to make Christ Laurel your home church is to connect with others in ministry teams, small groups, and special events. Just ask about our upcoming opportunities for connection! 


How can I serve? 

We would love to connect you with service opportunities. Contact us today or stop by Connection Table to get started. 


How is Christ Laurel connected to Christ Venice? 

Christ Laurel is the second campus of Christ Venice UMC, located to serve the Laurel/Nokomis area. We have the same mission that Christ Venice has: to inspire and equip people to say YES to Jesus.